You should be making a LOT more money by now.

But you're not. So let's figure out why.

You know the feeling of trying to hold onto sand? And it just keeps slipping through your fingers?

Doesn’t it suck when your business feels that way, too?
You constantly feel on the verge of success … like the dots are all there but you just can’t seem to connect them.
The success you know you deserve remains frustratingly elusive, and too often you waffle between throwing more money at more “upleveling”, or wanting to burn it all down and walking away.

Listen, pickle. I know what it’s like.

You’ve been in business as a service provider for a few years.

You’ve done that certification they promised would help elevate you above others in your niche (even though they set you up to provide what everyone else who did the cert is doing in the handful of ways they’re doing it).

You’ve taken the advice of adding strategy-based coaching or consulting to your offer suite because that’s supposed to be the “next step” — getting out of implementation because that’s not what someone with your experience “should” be doing, apparently.

All with the promise that you’d be making that “easy” 6-figures by now.

But let’s be straight with each other. You’re not. 

You’re likely still doing some retainer work (or you’ve gone back to it) for the consistent cash. You’re still charging for projects by the hour and hoping to get enough projects in to help pad your monthly income. You’re stressed all the time because you’re working WAY more hours than you ever did in your career. And you don’t even know if you like your business anymore.


Before AAU, I was struggling to take the next steps to level up my business. I knew what needed to be done but had a difficult time putting it into action. Now I have a clearer vision of what I need to do to reach my biz goals, and have outlined services and pricing and worked through a lot of other things that have given me more confidence in my business.
Stephanie Mead
Marketing Consultant

I’m just gonna say it: STOP UPLEVELING.

So many service providers in the “messy middle” of their business are struggling to stand out in a crowded marketplace, unable to stop sounding like everyone else in their niche. Selling shit that everyone else is selling in the same way they’re selling it. And the truth is a LOT of service providers are selling services that they’re not even interested in offering because they’re told that’s what their business should look like at this stage.

I’m calling bullshit.

A) Your business doesn’t have to look like anything, regardless of what stage you’re at or how long you’ve been doing this.

B) MORE training, MORE certifications, MORE learning is NOT the answer WHEN YOU’RE IN THIS MESS.

Listen, come here…

What if I told you the solution is not going to be found in getting another PDF certificate or website badge…

Or in expanding your offer suite…

Or in starting over…

Or hell, even jumping on MORE social media platforms and learning every new trend that comes out until you burnout or throw out a hip.

What if I told you what you actually need is really simple (but weirdly hard to do)?

Before AAU, I was struggling to align myself with my business. I was afraid of burnout so was holding back. Sarah helped me navigate through a process that showed me patterns and themes in my life an dhow they can only make me and my biz stronger if I honor them. I am now recharged, knowing exactly who I am, who I don't serve, and how to show up as the best version of me for me and my biz.
Jo Henderson
Health & Fitness Expert

Investing in more upleveling right now is NOT going to connect the dots, duckie. It’s just gonna add MORE dots.

You don’t need MORE dots right now.

You need to connect the dots you have, and find the intersection of where your experience, your knowledge, your expertise, and — most importantly — YOU are.

YOU, Bitch (and I say that with love).

YOU. The most important part of your damn business, and the part you’ve neglected the longest.

Listen, badass. You've already got everything you need to build the biz of your dreams.

The problem is you've been told to shut up and play by the rules for too long.

To use the same old prompts, follow the same old frameworks, and keep churning out the same old content as everyone else. Because “if I did it, so can you! So long as you do it EXACTLY like I did.” 

<cough> *bullshit* <cough>

Well, I say screw that noise. It’s time to trust that what the world needs isn’t more of the same…it’s more of YOU. 

The world needs more of what you’re made of. 

That’s where Awaken, Align, Unleash comes in.

Before AAU, I felt like I was struggling with everything. I felt stagnant, tired. I felt like being done with my business and throwing it all away. I felt like my boundaries were being crossed and I couldn't pinpoint where or why. I struggled with telling clients "no" simply because they weren't a perfect fit. And in working with Sarah, we really dug into applying putting myself and my family first. I have yet to regret working with Sarah and, in fact, am annoyed I can't work with her "full time" yet.
Anne Schmitz
Wedding & Event Consultant

What is Awaken, Align, Unleash?

Awaken, Align, Unleash is my 12-week hybrid (group and 1:1) coaching program that uses my decade-in-the-making TRUST Factor™ Framework to help you awaken your inner badass, align your messaging and your offers with your honest-to-goodness interests, and unleash a biz that sets you apart from the rest, so that: 

  • Your best fit clients can excitedly find and hire you
  • You can show up on social with a confidence that sets your content on fire
  • You sell what you really want to sell at a price that you convey with conviction
  • You have a solid business foundation that prevents shiny object syndrome

And so you can truly tap into the pieces of yourself that you’ve kept hidden for so long, reconnecting with the true badass you have always known you are but just didn’t know how to bring to the surface.

No more sounding like everyone else in your industry. It’s time to reconnect with the truth of who you are so that you attract the kind of clients that make sales calls a frickin’ breeze.


Because you’re calling in people who resonate so deeply with your messaging it’s a no-brainer decision for them.

Because you’re getting recognized for your expertise and getting paid what you ask for it.

Because creating content is now a breeze since you trust yourself to know what you want to say and HOW to say it in a way that is natural, authentic, and showcases you as the expert you are.

Because who you are and what you’re offering are finally completely aligned.

And when you figure out how to tap into the truth (not mine, not anyone else’s…YOURS) that this program helps uncover, you’ll be able to create offers that align with your expertise, get better-fit clients more easily because you’ll be attracting the right ones, and be able to articulate your value to those clients like the badass you are. 

You won’t be just another face in the crowd, you’ll start to build your authority in your space. And when you share your prices, they won’t balk – they’ll practically throw their gold coins at you because they know that greatness doesn’t come cheap.

I was close to closing my agency and felt like I needed to realign my goals and gain clarity around a new offer that was swirling around in my brain. Now, I feel fully aligned with who I am and what I want for my business and have the clarity I need. My experience was perfection! I felt completely heard and seen and that my voice, values and goals mattered. I was not fit into someone else's box, but given the space to build MY business.
Vanessa Lawson
Operations Management Consultant

Program Details

If you’re someone who likes to know the nuts and bolts, here’s how it works:

It’s all based on my TRUST Factor™ Framework which has been carefully crafted over the last decade in my work with corporate executives on the leadership track, entrepreneurs, and business students at the post-secondary level.

The program typically runs over 3 months, but due to the time of year the next cohort is offered, it will run over 4 months.

Month 1 – AWAKEN – (May 2023 – Group):

  • For the first 3 weeks, we’ll walk through the AWARENESS phase of TRUST Factor™ Framework together – a proprietary deep dive designed to help you reconnect with your deepest truth and uncover your most authentic voice. Then we’ll take a one-week break for integration and rest.

Month 2 – ALIGN – (June 2023 – Group): 

  • Weeks 5-8 are all about taking ACTION with that newly (re)awakened you and figuring out how to embody her in your business. We look at your offers, your messaging, and your content pillars. We’ll then pause for another week of integration and rest. 

Month 3 – INTEGRATION/APPLICATION – (July 2023 – Hybrid): 

  • During the month of July, to honour those who desire to have time off to enjoy the summer months, we’ll take a break from any new learning and instead open space for optional coworking opportunities and community building, as well as Voxer access to me should you desire it. (Because let’s be honest, some of us would rather be on vacation.) You’ll get a chance to apply and implement the work we’ve already done into your business (ie: continue taking ACTION), or you can simply take the month off, secure in the knowledge that when you come back you’ll have the support and accountability to get right back on the proverbial horse.

Month 4 – UNLEASH – (August 2023 – 1:1): 

  • This final month is all about ACCOUNTABILITY with weekly 1:1 coaching with me and Voxer access to ensure you continue taking ACTION. It’s one thing to do the work – it’s entirely another to DO the work. This month is where we’ll make personal tweaks as needed, and ensure you have the tools needed to continue growing once the formal program comes to a close. 

In full transparency, AAU has traditionally been run as a fully 1:1 program in the past with enormous success. I’ve done the work of making sure it gets results. 

Now I’m confident I can help get those same results in a group context, while still allowing for the 1:1 support I KNOW makes a difference.

To allow me to show up fully for those who show up fully for me, I am limiting spaces in this cohort to 10. No bullshit, no false scarcity. There are 10 seats. That’s it.

This is for you if...

Awaken, Align, Unleash is for you if …

**You’re tired of constantly defaulting to imposter syndrome and wondering whether you’re a legit entrepreneur. 

**You’re ready to gain clarity on who you are, and what you want. 

**You’re a service provider skirting the edges of burn out and more frustrated than not with how your business is running.

**You’re done feeling overwhelmed by decision-fatigue and getting in your own way, then you’re in the right place.

**You’re starting to wonder who you have the potential to be.

**You’ve been in business for a while, have offers that have sold, and have gotten results for your clients.

**You’re willing to try something new, and you’re NOT afraid of having fun while you do it.

Then you need to sign up now.

This is NOT for you if...

Awaken, Align, Unleash is NOT for you if …

You want someone to “fix” your business, or want someone else to do the work of creating your offers and messaging.

You’re resistant to looking inward and asking the hard questions that will get you the answers you need.

You’re unwilling to show up on social media, unwilling to take up space in the program, and allow yourself to shine.

You’ve only recently started in business, or haven’t had offers that have sold yet.

Your calendar is at capacity and you don’t have the bandwidth to learn new things, and implement them to see results.

You want a “quick” result, a simple solution, or a magic bullet.

If any of that resonates with you, no harm, no foul. Let’s part ways now as friends.

Investment / Commitment Details

Awaken, Align, Unleash is a 4 month commitment with weekly meetings and integration time, group coaching, and a 1:1 component in month 4. All participants will have Voxer access to the coach throughout the program length.
Investment for this program is $2,200 USD paid in full, or $550 per month for 4 months.

Who the F is Sarah Khan, Anyway?

Let’s just get it out of the way. I’m a HUGE Game of Thrones / House of the Dragon fan. 

I’m also a BS-busting badass that liberates women from the BULLSHIT of the online business space that keeps you stuck and swearing vengeance on your enemies (like Rhaenyra after they took her damn crown).

I have over 20 years of experience as a corporate shill, AND at least 10 as an entrepreneur – and I WAS STILL SHITTING THE BED EVERY DAY when it came to communicating my expertise, selling my offers, and basically building the business I wanted to build. Why?

Because I was trying to do it the way everyone else was telling me to do it. I was trying to fit into all the damn boxes the gurus and the experts kept telling me I needed to fit into in order to have a “legitimate, successful business”.

The gaslighting and noise made me doubt every single minute of experience I’d gained in my career and had me signing up for every certification and training program available.

And every time I finished one, (if I finished them, because let’s be honest…) I felt no further along because 90% of the time they didn’t feel right.

So I finally did the work of walking myself through the process I had walked countless executive and students through over the latter 10 years of my career. A process that had evolved over time to accommodate for all the learning I did in my own experience.

And that’s when shit changed. That’s when I realized that the KEY to all this success we are all chasing is YOU.

Getting back in touch with YOU. Learning to trust YOU again. Allowing more of YOU to actually show up in your business.

And lemme tell you – it’s liberating AF.

So now, it’s my mission to liberate women just like you, love. Because you deserve to let YOU be free. Yes it’s scary (like Tyrion freeing those 2 dragons -- IYKYK) but when it’s done… fuck does it feel incredible.

Have You Heard Enough?

$2,200 USD

One time payment


4 monthly payments


  • While everyone can benefit from the principles taught in AAU, I have the most experience working with service providers – coaches, consultants, project managers, OBMs, and VAs. I have limited experience with agency owners, and not much at all for product based businesses. Because we do work on your business itself in the program, please bear this in mind.
  • Each weekly training session will be 60-90 mins depending on the final size of the cohort. I would recommend dedicating another 60-90 mins to work on the “homework” each week to get the most out of the program.
  • We will meet in a 3 weeks on / 1 week off cadence for the first 2 months (May and June). Month 3 (July) will consist of weekly optional co-working sessions. Month 4 (August) will be weekly (45 min) or biweekly (75 min) 1:1 meetings with me to help with implementation and accountability.
  • All participants will have Voxer or Messenger access to me throughout the duration of the program.
  • For best results, I recommend dedicating 60-90 mins a week to AAU outside the weekly calls.
  • As much as I love working with new entrepreneurs, no. Participants of this program are mostly likely to see successful outcomes if they have been in business for a while (although there is no specific number of years). Ideally you will have served clients somewhat consistently in some capacity, have sold some kind of offer more than once, and have at least a minimal presence on social media.
  • If you’re a new entrepreneur, I invite you to get in touch with me about an upcoming program called Onboarding to Online Entrepreneurship that is currently in development.
  • I do! Get in touch with me directly to talk through the 2 options I have for clients who desire a more hands-on approach and desire more focused, 1:1 support.
  • Previous clients of the Awaken, Align, Unleash program have seen some major transformations after doing the work. They’re no longer shackled by what they think they “should” do, and they’re doing what they truly want. 
  • Every single client has gotten back in touch with who they are, why they’re here, and what they truly want to do.
  • And every client now has the tools to do it on repeat – WITHOUT me. That’s the goal.
  • They’re feeling more confident and empowered than ever, and they’ve reconnected with the most important person in their business: themselves. No more worrying about what others will think or say.
  • I intentionally will not make income claims or guarantees of specific results. Not only is that out of integrity for me but I truly believe a good coach or consultant CANNOT because everyone’s situation is so different.
If you’re ready to stop looking for external solutions when the most powerful one is already thre.
If you’re ready to start trusting yourself more, sign up for Awaken, Align, Unleash today. Let’s unleash the real you on the world like wildfire, shall we? We start May 1 for 4 months.
How would it feel to NGAF and run your business in a way that brings you joy? That allows you to have fun? TO BE YOU?? 
Okay, hopefully you get the picture by now. Sign the fuck up and let’s liberate your badass self.
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