OUR MISSION: To liberate badass women from the hustle-focused status quo of entrepreneurship and find the simplest path from where they are now to where they want to be.

No Fluff. No BS. Just Results.

OMG About Pages are SOOOOO boring, right?

Let’s cut to the chase. Most About pages are written in the third person and try too hard to be serious. They also waffle on about the person the about page is about. (See what I did there?)

Not this one. I’ll tell you a little about me, but mostly I’ll tell you what you actually WANT to know:


Let’s face it, entrepreneurship is an incredible journey of self-discovery…and there is a LOT of shit in the online business space that makes you second guess what you already know.

My MISSION is to help liberate as many women business owners from the noise and scarcity and superficial tactics that so many coaches and consultants and course creators and influencers try to peddle as the way to be successful.

No thanks.

You want to build a business on YOUR terms, in alignment with YOUR values, and that fits into YOUR life — and most importantly allows you to be WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

So let’s do it. 

Through an individualized approach to business strategy (the what), back end operations (the how) and thought work (the wow), you get the total package. Because frankly, you can’t do one without the other two and hope to grow something that lasts as long as you want.

What Makes Me Any Different?

Whether you  need support with business strategy, operational structure, or simply the mindset and accountability to tie it all together, I empower you to empower yourself to build the business YOU want to build, in a way that honour you, your life, and your vision for what’s possible.

Using my proprietary Corporate Rehab Method™️  (and 20 years of working hands on in business as both a strategist and an executive leadership coach) I help you clearly identify offers you really want to sell, figure out the logical order of things to fast track your growth, and provide the leadership accountability and support you need to help get back your freedom, build a sustainable income, and create the security you desire.

Because making the transition from employee to business owner is hard enough. You don’t need to be fed a load of crap while you do it.

Hi, nice to meet you.

I’m Sarah, a corporate escapee turned strategic operations consultant, leadership development coach, and unapologetic BS buster.

I’m passionate about supporting ex-corporate, high-achieving women who want to build a long-term business — one that will replace your career and support your desired goals, but with ease. Not shortcuts and bullshit — EASE.

So, I work with you to bust the rampant noise and nonsense around how to build a sustainable business, while growing into your new role as a founder and leader.

I understand the unique challenges women from the traditional workplace face in the transition to entrepreneurship. Trust me, I get it.

I got tired of my business feeling like another job where I had to answer to everyone else who knew nothing about me and what I truly wanted.

So I brought my 20 years of knowing and doing, flipped up the script and the middle finger and now help liberate women who have left or are leaving the traditional workplace from the hustle-focused status quo of entrepreneurship to find the simplest path from where they are now to where they want to be. No fluff. No BS. Just results.

Trust Me...Rehab Can Be Liberating

Rehab for What's Holding You Back

Uncover the top 3 ways your career and sabotage your business (and how to detox from that shit)!

Rehab for Your Strategy and Operations

Already  in business and feel stuck in the “messy middle”? Find out how working together can clean it up.

Know You Need Support Just Not Sure How?

Book a call and let’s chat — no strings — about where you’re at and what you need.

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